MASSIV BAU – GESTÃO INTEGRADA DE PROJETOS is a trademark of Binómio Verde – Gestão Integrada de Projetos, Lda., a company with vast experience and technical knowledge on the part of its staff and employees.

Construção Sólida, this is the meaning of Massiv Bau in Portuguese. This definition is the Foundation on which the MASSIV BAU GIP is governed to perform all the services proposed.

It's a company with energy, it´s a dynamic, innovative, competent, rigorous and a reliable consultant, offering a spectrum of services quite extended and adaptable to the needs of each client.

MASSIV BAU – GESTÃO INTEGRADA DE PROJETOS looks at all times for the best technical and economic solution for each project that engages. For this to happen, its employees, consultants and partners holds all the requirements and necessary experience to ensure any provision of the proposed services with total satisfaction guarantee.